Our Approach to Residential Care

Here at Chestnuts Residential Care Home, Weymouth, we will care for your precious loved one with the same tenderness and kindness shown to our own family members.

Personalised approach

Before someone comes to live with us, we develop a detailed personalised care plan in partnership with the individual and those closest to them. This plan documents a resident’s personalised care needs, life history, likes and dislikes and future goals. These care plans are reviewed once a month or whenever there is a change in the needs.

Families & friends support

We believe families and friends are an integral part of our home. They are welcome to visit at any time and to play an active part in their loved ones’ lives. We support family members by running regular carer events and offer advice whenever needed.

Rated 'GOOD' by CQC

Chestnuts is inspected and rated as ‘GOOD’ in all the 5 areas measured by the industry regulator, the Care Quality Commission.

Family run

Chestnuts is inspected and rated as ‘GOOD’ in all the 5 areas measured by the industry regulator, the Care Quality Commission.

A 'home' not a 'hotel'

Promoting homeliness, comfort and familiarity.

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Residential Care

Personalised Care Focused on Maintaining Independence and Enhanced Lifestyle.

Often people move into Chestnuts, Weymouth care home as they have struggled to cope and stay safe living in their own home independently. This may be due to their changing care needs or because their home is not designed to support their ageing years.

Kind Residential Care Home in Weymouth

At Chestnuts, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading residential care homes in Weymouth. Our dedicated and trained team members deliver loving, high-quality care 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year within the comfort and safety of our beautiful home.

With our kind and caring team on hand throughout the day and night, and our sensitive and respectful approach to care, we are able to provide support and reassurance to our residents whenever they need it, as well as provide much-needed peace of mind to loved ones.

Our team members are skilled at delivering kind and discreet care, which is personalised to each resident’s needs, likes, dislikes and aspirations for the future, coupled with gentle encouragement so each person can remain as independent as possible. This is just one of the qualities which sets us apart from other residential care homes in Weymouth.

Whilst the level of care is specifically tailored to each resident, it may include personal care, taking medication, relishing a home-cooked meal, enjoying one of the many activities and events on offer or socialising whilst developing new hobbies.

Family & Friends are Welcome

Family and friends remain a vital part of many of our residents’ lives and we welcome them with open arms at any time at our residential care home in Weymouth. Whilst we’re there to take care of each resident, their loved ones are able to spend quality time with them, enjoying a meal together, chatting over a home-baked cake, taking part in an activity or simply catching up in one of our quiet areas or their en-suite bedroom.

We also understand at times, it can be difficult to see your loved one’s needs changing or the effect their health condition has on them. This is why we’re also always there for family and friends to have a chat over a cuppa, bring you up to speed on the exciting things your loved one has been involved with and provide general reassurance and guidance. Our regular carer events are also the perfect time to receive professional advice on things such as funding care and understanding dementia.

A Home for Life

We are proud of our ability to also be able to provide dementia care, respite care and end of life care within our home. This provides flexibility for people, whether that’s initially for those who prefer a short-term stay whilst they get to know us and settle in before a permanent move or, as someone’s needs increase over time.

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Dementia Care

Our Compassionate Dementia Care Home in Weymouth.

Living with dementia at Chestnuts

Dementia can affect people in very different ways and often, their symptoms can change and alter in their prominence from moment to moment and over time as their condition develops.

At Chestnuts Care Home in Weymouth, our approach to dementia care is of compassion, kindness and sensitivity, where residents are supported to live meaningful lives full of happiness, acceptance and contentment, irrespective of the type of dementia they live with and their symptoms at any given time.

We achieve this sensitive approach by spending time with our residents, and those closest to them, gaining an understanding of their medical and wellbeing needs, their likes and dislikes and how their dementia currently affects them which, in turn, enables our loving team members to deliver the very best care and support.

Promoting Choice & Independence

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading dementia care homes in Weymouth, offering support to our residents as well as their family and friends.

By cherishing and nurturing each person’s individuality, and developing a true understanding of them, we form close bonds with our residents and are able to read small changes in someone’s mood and overall wellbeing at any given time.

This enables us to tailor our care in a flexible and responsive way, which evolves with their changing condition, helps us to promote choice and independence and support feelings of happiness and safety whilst minimising insecurity, anxiety and frustration.

Life with Us

We provide a variety of tailored activities and dining options for our residents living with dementia living in our dementia care home in Weymouth, supporting them to enjoy their days and feel valued and contented.

Our home environment is designed to support the overall wellbeing of our residents who live with dementia. Along with bedroom door numbers, residents are able to choose their own door colour to aid with recognition and clear signage for communal spaces support residents to understand the function of a room before going in.

Our dining room features colours which provide contrast between tablecloths, cutlery and tableware – helping residents to see the objects more clearly and supporting continued independence, whilst meals are shown to residents enabling them to choose which one is more appealing to them.

A Home for Life

We are proud of our ability to also be able to provide dementia care, respite care and end of life care within our home. This provides flexibility for people, whether that’s initially for those who prefer a short-term stay whilst they get to know us and settle in before a permanent move or, as someone’s needs increase over time.

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Respite Care

A Short Break to Rest and Recharge.

Respite care, which can sometimes be referred to as a short stay, is when someone lives in a care home for a short period of time, usually between a week and four weeks – whilst benefiting from the same level of expert care and support as permanent residents.

Respite care at our Weymouth care home can give carers a much-needed break from the unwavering responsibilities of looking after a loved one, and a chance to take some time to rest and get back on top of things, with the peace of mind that their relative or friend is safe and cared for.

For some, a respite stay may be needed following a hospital stay when the acute care of the clinical team is no longer required but the individual is not well enough to return home. Respite care in Weymouth gives them a chance to recuperate fully in a warm and homely setting, away from the busy hospital wards, with support still on-hand 24/7 from trained team members including registered nurses.

And, for others, it’s a great opportunity if they, or their family, are considering a more permanent move into a care home as they can experience life at Chestnuts for themselves, before taking the step into long-term care.

Respite Care at Chestnuts

Our loving and dedicated team at our respite care home in Hemel Hempstead ensures the same high-quality approach to care, wonderful activities and mouth-watering meals are available to our respite residents, making their stay with us is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Respite Break with Us

We understand the pandemic has been difficult for everyone – particularly if you’ve been caring for an elderly loved one who lives with dementia. If you’re looking to book a trip away, or just take some time to have a much-needed rest, you can book one of our respite rooms for short stays.

Rest assured we all work together to keep our residents safe and have a variety of infection control measures and processes embedded in our day-to-day lives.

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Activities & Well Being

Providing Meaningful Activities for Our Elderly Residents

Our residents’ ongoing health and wellbeing is extremely important to us and we recognise that keeping active, both mentally and physically, whilst maintaining a sense of purpose and meaning are key to individuals’ happiness, contentment and joy.

In partnership with our residents and those closest to them, our dedicated lifestyle team develops a varied programme of meaningful activities, events and celebrations which are personalised to individuals’ likes, dislikes, abilities and care needs as well as aspirations and dreams for the future.

Our whole team supports our residents to rekindle interests and hobbies, whilst also gently encouraging them to try new things they might enjoy, either as part of a group of friends, on a 1-2-1 basis and in their own room, if they prefer. All of these factors are integrated to ensure that our care home activities are meaningful and engaging for our residents.

Maintaining an Active Body & Mind

Regular opportunities to exercise bring fun and laughter, whilst giving everyone the opportunity to stay as active as they’re personally able to. For some, that may be through seated exercises from the comfort of their own chair and movement to music classes whilst, for others, it’s a tailored gym session in our on-site fitness suite.

To keep our minds active we host regular quizzes, games, current affairs discussions and reminiscence sessions and our well-stocked library is the perfect setting to sit back and delve into a favourite book – relishing new information or getting captivated by a dramatic storyline.

Also key to supporting health and wellbeing are our horticultural-themed care home activities, where the green-fingered amongst us tend to our beautiful gardens in the great outdoors or enjoy pottering around our indoor gardens, open-air roof terrace or doing a spot of flower arranging.

Food for Soul

For those of us who relish the quiet times we have a variety of cosy corners and comfy quiet areas to sit and watch the world go by, read the paper or work on a knitting or needlework project.

A Life Full Of Meaning and Purpose

Our residents’ are amazing and their talents never cease to amaze us!

Alongside our organised activities, we also provide a variety of opportunities to bring meaning to people’s lives, whilst nurturing their existing talents and experience and learning from others along the way.

Whether it’s a resident with a particular flair for art, baking, dancing, music, homemaking or DIY, we all enjoy learning from each other and sharing our knowledge.

At the Heart of Our Local Community

We recognise, for many of our residents, remaining an active and valued part of their local community is very important to them, so we regularly invite groups and entertainers into the home to spend time with us.

Visitors are also welcome to come and take part in celebrations, open days and themed events as well as a variety of meaningful activities such as enjoying movies or indulging in a selection of cheeses and wines during our tasting sessions.

Getting out and about into the community, as well as further afield, is also a highlight of ours as we take in trips to a variety of attractions such as garden centres, pubs for lunch and places of interest in our vehicle.

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Home Environment

A 'home' not a 'hotel'

In addition to offering the highest level of quality care, Chestnuts Residential Care Home has exceptional facilities that make life enjoyable and engaging for all residents, whatever their hobbies and personal preferences.


Dining room


Comfortable lounges

Landscaped gardens

Outdoor trips

Animal care days

Farming time


Drama days

Charity events

Baby time

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